I am professional accountant by day and amateur artist by night.

I have never taken art classes because I struggled with the concept that creativity could be taught. That said, in my older age I do have more respect for systems and styles.

I doodled a lot at school but I started regularly drawing cartoons at university. These were mainly based around hedgehogs. Hence the original website at Hedgehogs at Comic Genesis. During my university days I was graphics editor in 2004. This required me to work with other peoples’ ideas. This was enlightening.

Since then things became haphazard. I got my current job because I offered “something different.” This is in many ways what I am known for. I’ve done graphics for my day job particularly for presentations and internal business campaigns. I’ve also done the odd cartoon. Some of latter has made an appearance at my other site at distractmark.com.

In my day job I don’t really provide much tangible output. But with Hejhox Art I can. I’m doing this for fun. But art (or my interpretation of it) is something I take pride in. If you want me to do something, you’ll get my best effort.